School Council


Parent Reps:
Nicki Samaras, Charlotte Billings, Cheri O'Connell, Andew Irvine, Diane Fischer.
DET Reps: Frances Langenberg, Vicki Nettleton

We keenly support and encourage parent participation in both the formal and informal affairs of the school. The School Council is the governing body of the school and has the responsibility of determining the educational policy of the school, as well as responsibilities in the areas of:
  • buildings and grounds
  • financial management
  • reporting to the school community
  • promoting interest in the school

All parents are advised when elections are to take place and we urge that all those who are interested in the education of their children take an active part in the affairs of the School Council.

Our School Council is constituted as follows:-
  • 7 Parents elected by members of the school community.
  • 2 Staff elected by members of the school community, includes the Principal.
  • 1 Co-opted community member.

There are several sub-committees which operate under the auspices of the School Council. They are Education, Facilities and Finance.

School Council responsibilities include
  • Implementation of the School Charter
  • Facilitation of school policy
  • Personnel support
  • Sites and equipment maintenance
  • Finance and budget maintenance

Fundraising Committee

We have a fundraising committee which is controlled by School council. If you wish to be part of the fundraising committee please advice the Principal. The fundraising subsidies excursions/incursions, camps, swimming programs etc, it also goes toward purchasing new equipment.'