Parent Information

Parent Involvement

Strong parental involvement in a wide range of school activities shows your interest in their school activities to your children, and helps to develop and reinforce a positive attitude towards school. Where there are strong links between home and school the success of children's learning is enhanced.
The school provides many opportunities for parents and friends to be involved with the school program, such as reading, mathematics, physical education and sport, excursions and special events. If you are able to be involved in the school program it will not only be great assistance to the school, but will also be rewarding to you as a parent, and give you some understanding and insight into the school's program.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

There will be interviews between parents and teachers organized during the year. Please take advantage of these. Teachers will be pleased to see parents at other times (preferably after school) whether there is a particular reason or just for an informal chat about the progress of children. Feel free to make an appointment at any time you wish.

School Entry (Immunisation & Birth Certificate)

This certificate will indicate whether or not your child has been immunized against diphtheria, polio, tetanus, measles and mumps.
A copy of the child’s birth certificate is also required.

Emergency Contact

All parent/guardians are asked to fill in an emergency information form, which is kept in the office. This includes your contact numbers and an emergency contact number of a friend or relative. This information is required so that we can contact you quickly should an emergency arise. If there is a change in any of the information that you initially provided (eg: phone number, address or health details) please notify the office immediately.

Dress Code & School Uniform

School uniform is available at the office. Order forms can be found at the office and payment is required. Children are encouraged to wear the school colours green and gold. Please mark all articles of clothing and belongings clearly with your child’s name (including hats, lunch boxes, drink bottle etc). The children are asked to take their shoes in the new class room area, so we encourage them to bring slippers, crocs etc to change into.

Other Requirements

Children require an art smock to protect their clothing during art sessions. Children also require a library bag to hold reading books and books borrowed from the MARC van.
Ensure both items are labelled with your child’s name.

Sunsafe Policy

All are asked to take precaution against skin damage caused by the harmful ultra - violet rays of the sun. Sun block is available in all classrooms.
It is compulsory for children to wear a broad brimmed hat in Terms 1 & 4, when outdoors or playing sport. Please put names on hats. Hats are available for sale at the school.


To support your child’s learning, ensure school attendance is regular. If your child is away from school for illness at any time, a brief note from the parent is required. This is a legal requirement. In cases of extended absence, a phone call to the office or to the classroom teacher to give an early indication of likely return date would be appreciated.


The school aims to enable each child to take responsibility for their own behaviour. All teachers actively seek to recognize positive behaviour in students in both classes and the playground through verbal recognition, awards and certificates, stickers, etc.
Parents should be proud of their children's behavioural efforts at school and reinforce these achievements.
There are clearly stated rules for both the classroom and playground with progressive consequences for children who choose to break the rules. Parents will be contacted if children seem to be having problems socially or in fitting in with school life.

Local Excursion & Photo Permission Form

At the beginning of each year, parents are asked to sign 2 forms for local excursion and use of the child’s photograph. Further information will be forwarded to parents early in the New Year.

Book Club

The school offers Ashton Scholastic book club to the children. Scholastic offer a wide range of books at reasonable prices. There are usually two issues a term. If you wish to order from the book club the money or cheque (made out to Ashton Scholastic) can be sent to school in an envelope. The school in turn sends a cheque to the company.
The school receives commission on book club sales in the form of book credits. This is usually between 10- 30% of the children's orders and is used to obtain books and computer software for classrooms and the school library.

Bus Travel

The bus, which serves Langley Primary School, is coordinated at Kyneton Secondary College. Prospective bus travellers should contact the College to make necessary arrangements. Normally, bus transport is available to children who live more than 4.8kms from the school. Casual travelling on a bus is not approved.
A teacher accompanies children across the road to the bus. Please insist on your child using the bus in a safe, acceptable manner.

Traffic Safety

The safety of children coming to and from school is always a priority.
Parents should ensure they are aware of children in the car park and enter and leave it safely. Parents should accompany their children from the gate to the car.


Excursions and Incursions enrich and enhance students learning. Several are planned throughout the year. These will provide firsthand experience which is part of a vital educational program. Participation in these group outings or performances held at the school is expected and is a valuable part of a child’s development. In addition, Children participate in the school swimming program at Campaspe Downs’ heated pool. Parents are notified of such events in advance, together with the cost outlines. Payment is required before the day of the event. EMA allowance can be used for any Excursions/Incursions.
Please send all payment labelled and this can be left in the red letter box near the office.


This allowance is available to assist with the purchase of books, requisites, uniforms, excursions etc. To be eligible, parents must hold a Pension / Health Care Card, current on the first day of term 1. The relevant card will need to be sighted by the Business Manager / Principal when completing the form. Further information will be available through the school newsletter.

Conveyance Allowance

You may be eligible for Conveyance Allowance if you live 4.8km or more from the school or Langley Primary School is 4.8km or more from the next nearest school.


A fortnightly Newsletter containing school information, dates and activities is sent home on Thursday, with the eldest member of the family. Our newsletter is our key means of weekly communication. Please be sure to read it for notification of important dates and events.

Public Holidays

State Schools observe all public holidays. Currently School Council authorises a school holiday on the first Wednesday in November as Kyneton Cup Day.

Pupil Free Days

Each year government schools are provided with four student-free days for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development and student assessment and reporting purposes. The first day of Term 1 is a student free day in all government schools, to allow for appropriate planning to take place for arrival of students. The remaining three student-free days are determined by each indiviual school and school council.

Transition Program

Langley Primary School offers a Transition Program for Grade 6 students who are attending local secondary schools. We have ongoing communication with these schools to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary schools is a smooth as possible. Students who will be new preps at our school are also offered a program of classroom visits at the year prior to their commencement at school. Details of enrolment day and transition program can be obtained from the School Office.

Unwell Children

Should a child be unwell during the day we will contact parents or the emergency contact.

Headlice Checks

Langley has a parent managed Head Lice program with authorised parents checking the children’s hair on a regular basis or when required. If you wish to assist in this area please advise the Principal. Head lice check permission forms will be sent out at the commencement of the new school year.


All people like to hear positive comments about what they are doing. Teachers also like to hear positive comments, so please let them hear the good things. However, on occasions, you may have concerns and these should be addressed to the Principal so that they can be discussed and remedied. We need to know in order to be able to act on them.

Wet Days

We encourage children to bring a warm coat in the winter as they will have time outside in the winter months. The Children will remain indoors under teacher supervision at recess & lunch time on wet days.





Chicken Pox

Until fully recovered or at least one week after the eruption first appeared

Not Excluded


Until discharge from eyes has ceased

Not Excluded


Until diarrhoea ceases

Not Excluded

(infectious hepatitis)

Until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery from infection, or on subsidence of symptoms

Not Excluded

Hepatitis B

Until recovered from acute attack

Not Excluded


Until sores have fully healed. The child may be allowed to return provided that appropriate treatment has commenced and that sores on exposed surfaces such as scalp, face, hands and legs are properly covered with occlusive dressings.

Not Excluded


Until at least 5 days from the appearance of rash or until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery from infection.

Non immunised contacts must be excluded for 13 days from the first day of the appearance of a rash in the last case unless immunised within 72 hours of first contact.


Until fully recovered

Not Excluded

Head Lice

Until appropriate treatment has commenced

Not Excluded

Whooping Cough

Until 2 weeks after the onset of illness and until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery from infection.

Domiciliary contact be
excluded from attending a children’s services centre
for 21 days after the last exposure to infection if contacts have not previously
had whooping cough or
been immunised against.